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Photo: Always affordable and at once both decorative and functional, concrete garden edging effectively defines garden beds, tree surrounds, and driveway curbs, their versatility enabling you to match any landscape contour. Perhaps most appealing of all is that concrete garden edging lasts for years and years. Once you’ve completed this project, (more)

Monday 2 May 2016
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Photo: When it comes time to clean concrete, you don’t need to be delicate; after all, it’s a very hard material. In order to clean concrete outdoors, you can rent a pressure washer for use in combination with a biodegradable detergent. Indoors, your supplies are likely to be a bucket, detergent, (more)

Tuesday 19 April 2016
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Garage Cleaning and Maintenance How to remove stains, keep the door opener working and more Maintaining order in your garage is easier said than done, but here are some tips for keeping it clean and keeping the garage-door opener running smoothly. Removing oil stains from concrete garage floors can be done with nearly (more)

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Bob Vila's 10 April Must Do Projects With cold weather finally on the way out, April offers the opportunity to return to outdoor living. Prep your space for spring and summer by maintaining the home exterior and beautifying the lawn and garden. Then turn your attention indoors, specifically to the basement (more)

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Q: When is the use of an egress window required and what are its benefits? A: According to Bob Sebastian, CR, CKBR, of Brillo Home Improvements Inc. in Milwaukee, the code requires that anywhere there is a sleeping room, which is considered any room with a closet and a door, there (more)

Wednesday 17 February 2016
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Welcome to the Northwoods Concrete Cutting, LLC website. Our company was formed in 2008, providing high-quality concrete cutting services for industrial, commercial, and residential customers. We specialize in concrete and asphalt slab sawing, core drilling, wall sawing, wire sawing, and concrete removal. Having cut for other companies for 20 years (more)