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Slab Sawing

Slab Sawing, also known as Flat Sawing, is used to cut out sections of floor or paving. Slab Sawing applications would include: slab sawing trenches for plumbing, electrical and refrigeration; slab sawing to remove the floor for new machine bases; road and street repairs often require slab sawing; replacing bad sections of concrete or asphalt may also require slab sawing.

Northwoods Concrete Cutting, LLC currently has 3 slab saws. The largest saw is a 61 hp diesel saw with a catalytic converter/air purifier. This saw is well-suited for outdoor slab sawing, and large indoor areas such as warehouses and factories. Our 20 hp, 3-phase electric slab saw is ideal for areas where emissions from an internal combustion engine would be a concern such as hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, or food service facilities. The smallest saw is a 13 hp gasoline walk-behind saw which is handy for getting in tighter locations where a larger saw would not fit.

The slab sawing is done with water so dust is not a problem. The removal and hauling-away of the concrete can also be contracted through Northwoods Concrete Cutting, LLC.