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Concrete sawing and removal is very labor-intensive. The equipment is heavy, expensive, and if not used properly, extremely dangerous. The types of cutting tools found at rental centers are unfamiliar and awkward to most do-it-yourselfers, often times resulting in a finished opening that is not plumb, level or square. The rental centers measure the blade wear with a micrometer, and charge accordingly; most often at a cost far higher than the saw rental itself. While I admire the gumption and grit of a do-it-yourselfer, this is one area of construction better left to a professional.
Depending on size, location and wall-thickness, most door and window openings take 1 - 3 hours to complete.
It will, without a doubt, be noisy. But, with the tools and equipment I have, there will be little to no dust.
NO! Northwoods Concrete Cutting, LLC takes great pride in doing its job safely, and cleaning up when the job is done. When we leave a job site the mess will be cleaned up.
If you have a large sledge hammer and a lot of ambition, you can break it up and haul it to a concrete recycling site (most municipalities have one). Or you can contract us to haul it away (much easier).
In most cases the answer is yes. While the cutting can be done from one side, we still need to get at the back side to protect the area from becoming messy, and check for hazards and obstructions such as electrical wires, cable TV, water lines, gas lines and telephone wires.
We will travel as far as it takes to get to your job and not a mile farther.
The job’s address, thickness and composition of material to be cut (poured concrete, brick, or block), exact size of opening required. Is there water on site, and how far from the work area is it? Is the area we will be working in finished? How close to the work area can I get with my truck? Do you want us to haul the concrete away? When do you want the work completed?
Payment is due upon completion of the work, unless other arrangements were made with us previously.
Cash, bank order, company check, or personal checks are accepted. No bad checks, you don’t even want to go there.